Healing in the ocean

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.
– Isak Dinsen.


He ran towards the ocean with a big smile on his face and I felt a wave of anxiety wash over my body. He was so calm in the water and so confident just to rush into it’s oncoming waves crashing against the shore.

I hesitated because I was afraid, I was never a confident swimmer and dislike being out of my comfort zone.

“C’mon,” he called, “the quicker you jump in the better.”

I took a deep breathe and walked towards the shoreline, the amount of times I had heard that line in my life from different people, “it’s like a bandaid, just rip it off.”

The cool water swirled around my feet and I wadded out further, letting the waves lap against my body.
He was already under the waves and swimming out further calling me to “just get in.”

I did.

I took a deep breath and dived under one of the waves coming towards me, it felt good.
And I started to laugh as I felt the metaphorical bandaid fall off my skin and the water sink into my pores.
There was something here, something powerful and energetic about this moment in the ocean.

After this moment I started to go everyday, every morning just for five minutes. And something started to shift ever so slightly inside me and I am still letting it shift further each day.
I started becoming more confident in myself and swimming out further, riding waves into shore and diving deeply into the ocean underneath the big waves.

It made me feel like a kid again and I was having fun, a pure joy that had been hiding deep down for quite a while. Like unlocking the peace within us in yoga practice this was unlocking joy. It was a meditation practice in itself.

I remembered when I was a kid and my mother would tell me to go soak my wounds in the ocean because of it’s healing powers but I never put much thought into the ocean healing the inside too.

The tranquility of silence underneath the sea and the sensation of waves rolling over head as I dive under it.
There is something here..
If you live near an ocean I beg you to go more often.. If you’re feeling down physically, emotionally, mentally or lacking vibrancy in your life go to the ocean and let it rip the bandaid off.

Haley x





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